About Us



     Our history starts with the Ugly Man Cossacks in Texas, as a lot  of us were once in that club.  We pulled away from the Ugly Man club December 3, 2016 because, after Twin Peaks they dishonored themselves, the club, and those who sacrificed for it! Their top 3 Leaders, one had a 4 hour conversation with LE after Twin Peaks. Another went to the grand jury and testified, while the 3rd went from NSA to Excuse Maker. 

     Do not mistake Our club for theirs, for there is nothing in common.


Twin Peaks May 17, 2015

This is what brought to light the real heart and soul of the ugly man cossacks.  And the heart and soul left, leaving them with neither. 

     And so, the 1% Cossacks MC was formed. The Ugly Man cossacks no longer deserved the name or the

Cossacks Motorcycle Club Incorporated

     And so, the 1% Cossacks MC was formed. We took the name and the colors, changing the center patch, because the ugly man Cossacks dishonored them as well as the Men who have sacrificed for those colors.  The center patch represents the old....... with the two daggers splitting and dividing and exposing the strong from the weak. While the 7 chain links represent the 7 fallen Brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice and who will always be Honored!