This is our name and these are our colors. Both of which we have HONORED and PROUDLY defended! Men have sacrificed their lives defending OUR way of life and the right to live it as we so choose! On May 17, 2015, 7 COSSACK HEROES made the ultimate sacrifice defending the brothers they loved and what they believed in. None of those MEN chose to die that day. But, none of them ran from the thought either. They died with their boots on! By Honoring the COSSACKS name and Colors; we Honor all those who have made the sacrifice for our Brotherhood and our way of Life! 


The skull represents the Old...Face and skin removed and skull exposed. With two Scimitars splitting and dividing the strong from the weak. 


The  7 COSSACK HEROES are represented by the 7 CHAIN LINKS. So that we may never forget and their sacrifice will never be cheapened or in vain!